Standing Rock Farms

Our Story

Where Farm Life And Luxurious Amenities Create A Unique And Unforgettable Experience.


Our Story

In May of 2020, husband and wife team Mike and Chelsea discovered an opportunity to purchase a historic plot of land in the heart of Ohio’s Grand River Valley. Both born and raised in Lake County, they were familiar with the site, as Mike had visited it for many years during his childhood.

Mike, a natural builder and proprietor of a longstanding and successful service company, had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and vision, while Chelsea was the dreamer—she had always wanted a flower farm. The two set forth on a journey to create Standing Rock Farms. Their vision was to build a special place to enjoy with their daughter, where enduring memories could be made. They were also driven by a desire to build a lasting legacy, one that would not only reflect their deep-rooted passion for community engagement, but also would also serve as a beacon of happiness for many generations. They sought to showcase the beauty of nature and farm living, coupled with architecturally pleasing and modern facilities.

Today, Standing Rock Farms is the culmination of their original vision and dreams—a place where guests can share a love of nature, escape the everyday, and find enjoyment in the simpler things. This modern working farm cultivates and produces a variety of fresh, high-quality goods, including commercial flowers, honey, Highland calves, farm-fresh herbs, and organic produce while offering a breathtaking backdrop for life’s celebrations and a variety of experiences for creating lasting memories for all who walk through its gates. Mike and Chelsea admit that they aren’t done yet, and the farm is ever evolving, but their profound hope is that current and future generations will see the beauty they see in the experience and that it may spark an ember inside to burn for a lifetime. 

Our Mission

The mission of Standing Rock Farms is to provide premier products, hospitality and service in a calming, natural environment. We believe in creating a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests that they’ll cherish for years to come, while upholding our commitment to sustainability as evident in everything we do. We’re dedicated to operating our farm in an environmentally friendly way, preserving the beauty of nature for future generations.


At Standing Rock Farms, giving back to the community is not only important to us, but it’s also an integral part of our mission. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our neighbors and actively contributing to the betterment of the community. As part of this commitment, we occasionally offer our services, products, and venues for charitable causes. If you are interested in partnering with us or utilizing our resources for a community-oriented project or event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always eager to explore new opportunities to make a positive impact.