Standing Rock Farms



Reel in the Joy: Family Fishing Fun at Indian Lake, Standing Rock Farms

At Standing Rock Farms, we offer more than just a taste of rural bliss and the beauty of nature. We invite our guests to experience a timeless family tradition: fishing at our private Indian Lake. Stocked with an abundance of largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, and crappie, our lake offers an exciting fishing experience for all ages.
The Allure of Indian Lake

Named as a tribute to Camp Stigwandish, Indian Lake embodies our respect for history and our commitment to preserving the land's integrity. Secluded within our farm, this private lake offers the perfect setting for families and fishing enthusiasts to connect with nature.

A Diverse Aquatic Ecosystem

Our catch-and-release practice ensures the sustainability of our thriving aquatic life and allows you to test your angling skills against a variety of fish species. Whether it's the fight of a bass or the surprising agility of a bluegill, each fishing experience promises to be unique.

Enjoy the Thrill of the Catch

Our serene lake environment provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing family moments and the thrill of the catch. Enjoy the tranquility as you cast your line and wait for that delightful tug signaling a good catch.

Fishing at Indian Lake is exclusive to our guests at Standing Rock Farms, making it a unique and private experience. We invite you to share in the joy of fishing, a pastime that not only teaches patience and appreciation for nature but also creates lasting memories.

Book your stay today to experience the charm of fishing at Indian Lake, only at Standing Rock Farms.