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Travel Back in Time: Visit the Scout Museum at Standing Rock Farms

Step into a bygone era at Standing Rock Farms with a visit to our Scout Museum, a testament to the rich history of Camp Stigwandish and the lasting impact of scouting traditions on our community.
A Time Capsule of Scouting History

Housed in a beautifully restored cabin, our Scout Museum captures the spirit of Camp Stigwandish, an influential scout camp that once occupied this land. The museum is filled with artifacts and memorabilia that reflect the camp's vibrant history and its role in shaping the lives of countless young scouts.

Honoring a Legacy

By preserving this history, we seek to honor the legacy of Camp Stigwandish and its contribution to character-building, leadership development, and the love for outdoor adventure. It's a unique opportunity to learn about the past and inspire future generations.

Engage with the Past

Wander through our museum and experience the nostalgia of old scout uniforms, campfire tales, and merit badges. It's a trip down memory lane for former scouts and a fascinating glimpse into scouting history for all visitors.

Visit Our Scout Museum


Join us for a visit to the Scout Museum at Standing Rock Farms and take a step back in time to the days of Camp Stigwandish. Book your visit today and experience a piece of scouting history in the heart of Ohio's Grand River Valley.