Standing Rock Farms

Maple Syrup (COMING SOON)

The Farm

Discover The Buzzing World of Honeybees at Standing Rock Farms

Welcome to the buzzing world of honeybees at Standing Rock Farms. We recognize the vital role that these wondrous insects play in our ecosystem by pollinating crops and plants, including the flowers in our floriculture program. Our farm is home to a flourishing honeybee population, contributing to our ecosystem’s health while enabling us to provide farm-fresh honey throughout the year.
A Rich Vinicultural Landscape

The unique terroir of the Grand River Valley, shaped by the moderating effect of Lake Erie and fertile glacier soils, births a variety of tantalizing wines. From boutique wineries crafting exclusive varietals to expansive vineyards producing renowned labels, your wine tour promises sensory delight.

Your Adventure Awaits

Immerse yourself in picturesque vineyards, intimate tasting rooms, and passionate vintners. Back at Standing Rock Farms, unwind amidst our wildflowers, savor farm-fresh produce, and enjoy the buzz of our apiary. Our farming ecosystem contributes to the wholesome experience that awaits you.

Wineries in the Grand River Valley

Book your stay today for an enchanting exploration of Ohio's grapevines and the artistry of its winemakers right from the heart of Grand River Valley's wine country at Standing Rock Farms.