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Discover The Buzzing World of Honeybees at Standing Rock Farms

Welcome to the buzzing world of honeybees at Standing Rock Farms. We recognize the vital role that these wondrous insects play in our ecosystem by pollinating crops, plants and local vineyards, including the flowers in our floriculture program. Our farm is home to a flourishing honeybee population, contributing to our ecosystem’s health while enabling us to provide farm-fresh honey throughout the year.

Honey Production and Beekeeping on Premises

Our honeybees produce delicious, all-natural honey that is available for purchase.

Our beekeeping practices ensure the health and safety of our bees and the high quality of our honey.
You’ll have the opportunity to witness our pollinators in action and learn about the art of apiculture.

Our Honeybees are not just Honey Producers but Vital Members of the Ecosystem.

We recognize the symbiotic relationship between flowers and honeybees and the vital role they play in our community’s ecosystem which is why we’ve dedicated multiple areas on our farm to our apiculture program.

Honeybees rely on flowers for food and in turn, flowers rely on honeybees for pollination and reproduction. The emphasis on our apiculture program is why we have so many vibrant and colorful varieties of flowers today. 

At Standing Rock Farms, our bees are not just honey producers but vital members of our ecosystem.

Our commitment to protecting pollinators and the environment ensures a sustainable future for our bees and the flowers they pollinate. Whether you’re looking to learn about the importance of bees or purchase delicious, all-natural honey, we have something for everyone.

Book your visit today and learn about the fascinating life of bees and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. And don’t forget to take home some of our delicious, all-natural honey!