Standing Rock Farms


The Farm

Experience the Vibrant Blooms at Standing Rock Farms

At Standing Rock Farms, we believe that nature provides us with an abundance of beauty that should be celebrated and shared. As you walk through our 25+ acres of commercial flower fields, you will be surrounded by the vibrant colors and scents of our farm-grown flowers. Our flowers are always fresh, and we offer a wide range of varieties that change with the seasons.

Fresh Cut Flowers

The flowers are grown onsite, ensuring that they are always fresh and ready for any occasion.
Our seasonal offerings provide an ever-changing variety of colors and scents that reflect the beauty of nature.

We offer a wide variety of products and arrangements that perfectly encapsulate the allure of our stunning blooms.


The Importance of Honeybees and Pollination

We recognize the symbiotic relationship between flowers and honeybees and the vital role they play in our community’s ecosystem which is why we’ve dedicated multiple areas on our farm to our apiculture program.

Honeybees rely on flowers for food and in turn, flowers rely on honeybees for pollination and reproduction.

The emphasis on our apiculture program is why we have so many vibrant and colorful varieties of flowers today.

In conclusion, floriculture at Standing Rock Farms is a celebration of nature and the relationship between flowers and bees.

Our commitment to protecting pollinators and the environment ensures a sustainable and beautiful floral experience. Whether you’re looking for a unique outing, fresh cut flowers, or even a farm-fresh subscription, we have something for everyone.

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