Standing Rock Farms


Echoes of Camp Stigwandish: A Journey from Nature’s Playground to a Sustainable Farm Haven

In the heart of Ohio’s Grand River Valley, Standing Rock Farms blooms with the vibrancy of sustainable farming, organic gardening, and bountiful floriculture. This haven of natural abundance carries a deep history, resonating with the joyous echoes of Camp Stigwandish, the beloved site of childhood discovery and outdoor adventure.

Camp Stigwandish, nestled amongst verdant hills and meadows, was a cherished destination for those seeking a connection with nature. Children and adults alike were taught the principles of environmental stewardship, lessons that inspire our approach to farming today.

As a tribute to the camp’s cherished history, we’ve established a museum on the property, adorned with vintage memorabilia from Camp Stigwandish. It serves as a tangible link to the past, a homage to the camp’s enduring influence.

Preserving this legacy, Standing Rock Farms breathes new life into the camp’s old cabins. These structures, once filled with the excited chatter of campers, have been lovingly restored and converted into unique overnight accommodations. These charming cabins blend rustic appeal with modern comforts, offering guests an immersive farm stay experience.

Our commitment to Camp Stigwandish’s principles is not only found in our accommodations but also in our organic gardening practices. We cultivate a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, all under the diligent watch of our invaluable honeybees. These tireless pollinators play a critical role in our ecosystem, ensuring the flourishing of our crops, flowers, and fruit trees, and gifting us with delicious, farm-fresh honey.

Beyond organic farming and beekeeping, Standing Rock Farms also carries the spirit of Camp Stigwandish into our event offerings. We host bespoke weddings and special events, where guests can celebrate amidst nature’s splendor, just as camp-goers did in days past.

The legacy of Camp Stigwandish inspires every aspect of Standing Rock Farms, from our sustainable farming practices to our commitment to community engagement. We’ve transformed the camp’s former grounds into a place of agricultural productivity, natural beauty, and shared celebrations.

Experience the charm of our overnight cabin rentals, the freshness of our organic produce, the wonder of our honeybees, and the joy of our farm events. Visit the Standing Rock Farms museum and step back into the history of Camp Stigwandish. Discover the harmonious blend of past and present, where the spirit of the camp lives on in every corner of our farm.